Thursday, November 18, 2010

these are major!!!! id go back to wires just to don these

 The heavy sound of Marshall has been carried over the world for nearly 50 years. Spending half a century on tour with the most prominent and untamed musicians builds experience and a feel for what really works. This unparalleled amount of wisdom has been distilled and fused into every part of Marshall Headphones. Nothing has been compromised when expanding the Marshall heritage of big stage performance to the individual enjoyment of good music. These headphones are conceived from Marshall’s time-tested fundamentals of performance and endurance, designed to thrive on daily use and to render music the way it was meant to sound. The greatest of effort has also been put into the aesthetics, making the headphone ooze of that iconic Marshall look. The Major encloses vast amounts of the massive Marshall legacy. The exterior of the headband is made out of the same vinyl used in Marshall amplifiers and it bears the original Marshall texture. The coil cord refers to vintage style guitar cables and the plug is a beautiful 3.5 mm replica of a classic tele plug, which can be used with the included 6.3 mm adapter for plugging in to your guitar amp or stereo. Available now through select retailers, including Barneys and Turntable Lab.

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