Tuesday, March 29, 2011


C Forums Christianity 666 Bar Code in RFID and M.M.E.A. & Verichips, which by transmission to deep space platforms (satellites) and the Battle Engagement And Simulated Tracking supercomputers or B.E.A.S.T.'s are what's being used to track 25% of all agri animals in the U.S. by April 2006, and ALL of them by Federal Mandate & Law by January 2008. This is the same 666 beast tracking system that is currently being implemented to track ALL of Great Britians automobiles. Will you take the marc? In the New American Catholic Bible, based on Alexandrian texts (more accurate) it clearly states "IT's mark" or IT it's, as in beasts or "information technology" which will be imposed on the population of the world. The 6 6 6 will bracket your UPIC or Universal Personal Identification Code and under martial or emergency law in America, these will be FORCED on the populus sometime after the initial introduction of Homeland Defense issued "national" I.D. cards. One of the Beast supercomputers, artificially intelligent, is located at a mountain near Colorado Springs Colorado, and another near Fort Mead Maryland, Brussels Belgium, Israel, etc. The Bible clearly warns of ETERNAL Damnation for those who accept the mark of the B.e.a.s.t. into their right hand or forehead to buy or sell, the marc 6 6 6 of the beast supercomputers or IT's marc.

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